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What color should I use in the living room?

The living room is often the most used room in your apartment or house. However, the living room is also used for different purposes. The living room can be a haven for peace and relaxation, but also a meeting place to catch up on the events of the day with the family or perhaps to the place to talk with friends. There are families who eat in the living room and other families use the living room partly as a place to study. So before one decides on which colors to use, one needs to know how the living room is used.

In Feng Shui, in order to promote peace and relaxation, use off-white and earthy tones. Ochre or apricot would be recommended for example. These colors also serve to relax and soothe the residents in a homelike atmosphere. If using an apricot color, make sure that it is vivid as this is warming and welcoming. A paler apricot would be more appropriate for a bedroom.



If the living room is more likely to be a place of conversation, entertaining and socializing, then reds and oranges are a good color choice. Again, combine these colors with white or fall colors, like pistachio, magenta or cream. This is, because orange is the color that strengthens social interaction and social cohesion.

[reduceazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00NNYIMB4″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”96″]Of course, when determining your color scheme, not only the color of the walls and ceiling is important. You can change the feeling of the whole room with accessories that promote the qualities you desire. As you know, you should not exaggerate with colors. Choose a main color and fill the room with decorations and accessories in this color. These accessories can include curtains, cushions, towels and so on. Also think about your furniture and carpets. Although wood furniture with upholstery colors is recommended for seating, make sure that it harmonizes with the room.

Here is an example of a positive color scheme for a living room that is primarily intended for relaxation. Choose key colors, such as white mixed with apricot, yellow or pastel tones. If you choose bright colors, your living room will look a little bigger than it really is. Now put color accents in your room with red or orange accessories. If you are buying new furniture for your living room, then make sure that the colors harmonize with the rest of the room.


A few tips on the side, which have nothing to do with the colors.

Make sure that you do not place too much furniture into the room. Even if the bed is the focal point of your oasis for relaxation, it does not mean that the bed must be in the centre of the room. Additionally, make sure that the chairs are not facing the window or obstructing the view towards the door. It is best, if you have a clear view of the windows and doors and arrange your seating accordingly, because it conveys a sense of security.

A piece of furniture, such as the living room table, should be round, because sharp points, edges and corners affect the flow of energy. If it is imperative that you have edges or corners on some of your furniture, conceal them with wonderful plants. Speaking of plants, if you have large windows; you can use plants near the windows to decrease the escape of energy.

[reduceazon-image align=”left” asin=”B002JAE8NY” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”82″]When determining your room lighting, it would be good if you could create further light distributions in addition to the main light in the room. For example, you could use a floor lamp or similar to light a display case. It is especially good, if you can use each light independently of the other.

If you use a part of the living room as a workstation or computer corner, then use your best furniture as a room divider. You can then use a different color scheme in these different sections of the room. You can find appropriate color schemes for an office environment in the corresponding article.

The last tip for today: Keep your room clean and tidy!


Featured Image (c) Ankur Gulati

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