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What colour should I use in the bedroom?

Although the living room is the center of many homes and apartments, we spend most of our time in the bedroom. We are not really awake for most of this time or aware of the time that we spend in this room. The majority of hours that we spend in the bedroom, we are asleep.

Similar to the living room, you need to clarify the goal that you want to achieve. If you want to make a change, because you feel you do not sleep well or cannot really relax, then I recommend you light up the room and use gentle brown and sand tones. You can then accent these with a light grey blue. Overall, you should ensure the room does not include dark colours and hard metal. You should also not use bright colours, such as red, because they are very invigorating, which is not recommendable for a relaxing sleep.



However, the bedroom is not only used to sleep. Often, the bedroom is the center of intimacy, eroticism and physical proximity. Now, if you look at the colour schemes in Feng Shui, you might think that the fire colours, such as orange and red, will promote a balanced sex life. This is reinforced by the idea that Feng Shui does not depend on purely visual aspects, but that harmony is life energy and this is what really matters. And it is rightly so.

[reduceazon-image align=”left” asin=”1462051553″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″]If you want to achieve more harmony in the erotic area, you should use colours like red, purple, yellow and orange. However, since the bedroom is not only a love nest, but more a resting place, it is essential here to find a balance. That is not difficult.

You can use colourful accessories, which are intended to enhance the sensuous feelings. These could be rugs, cushions or red roses. Candles are also excellent for this purpose. All these things can enhance the sensual tension. Moreover, these things are portable and can easily be removed and put away.
Even though this article is about the colours of Feng Shui, I do not want to deny you the most important aspects in Feng Shui regarding the bedroom!

  • Keep your bedroom clean. No dirty laundry should lie everywhere in the room.
  • Do not fill the bedroom with large, heavy, angular and / or unnecessary furniture
  • Make sure your bed has the headboard fixed to a wall. In addition, it should not be placed directly between the door and windows, as this can affect the flow of energy. If your bedroom has a pitched roof, then the bed should be placed so that you are lying with your head in the slope and can overlook the high- space. In addition, you should make sure that the foot of the bed is not directed towards the door.
  • It is also important that the wall where the headboard is does not have any water lines or power cords in or near it.
  • Do not have any shelves or wall cabinets hung on the wall by your bed head as this may cause depressing feelings, even if one is not always aware of it. An image is not a problem as long as you do not use heavy picture frames.
  • In the mirror, I have to admit, there are ghosts. Some people believe that mirrors should not be used in the bedroom because they are too reflective and might reinforce bad energies. However, the modern view is that one can use a mirror, but it should not be in the line of sight of the sleeper.
  • Feng Shui tenets tell us that electrical devices, such as computers and television sets, should not be used in the bedroom.

Even when not considering the principles of Feng Shui, I think it is now clear that electrical devices always produce an electric (magnetic) field. This means that you should keep electronic devices outside the bedroom. What use is an electronic device, if you set up everything according to Feng Shui principles to have a restful sleep, and this is torpedoed by electro-smog?

Of course it is not always possible to adhere to all rules, but try to implement as many as possible.


Featured Image (c) Mazzali

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